Extreme Dog Fence Universal Fit Robot Lawnmower Splices – Fits All Wire Gauges Including Heavy Duty Wire and Works on All Brands of Robotic Lawn Mowers – 5 Waterproof Wire Splicers

Price: $10.95
(as of May 17, 2022 20:07:03 UTC – Details)

Univeral Heavy Duty Grass Cutting Robot Wire Splice Kits -5

No need to skimp on the wire you get for your robot grass cutting device any longer. The thin 20 gauge wire that is offered by most brands is not designed to last. It’s designed for economy. However, that wire degrades after a few years of being exposed to the elements and it’s no fun to have to dig it up and repair or replace it.

eXtreme Consumer Products’ heavy duty 14 gauge wire will perform out in those same elements for well over 20 years, but the low end snap splices that are offered with the thin wire will not accommodate the thick copper core of a rugged 14 gauge wire. That is where these professional grade splice kits com in.

These splice kits not only provide reliable connections on the heavy wire, but they are also backward compatible and will perform just as well on the thin wire offered by the different brands of automated mower units. They will not be the weak link if your automower installation kit.

The great thing is that eXtreme Consumer Products Heavy Duty Robotic Lawnmower Wire and these eXtreme Robotic Lawnmower Splice Kits are 100% compatible with:
– Compatible with Husqvarna
– Compatible with Worx
– Compatible with Gardena
– Compatible with McCulloch
– Compatible with Polaris
– Compatible with Robomow
– Compatible with MowBo
– and all others

With an investment as significant as a robotic lawn mower, you should not let your wire be your bottleneck in quality. Invest in a wire that will last at least the life of the unit itself, and you will need a splice that is designed to accommodate a high end wire as well. If your motto is “set it and forget it”, then this is the splice kit for you. Get your eXtreme robotic lawnmower splice kits today!!!
Versatile: Allows you to splice standard, thin 20 gauge mower wire up to heavy duty 14 gauge wire
Universal: Works on all brands, See list of some popular brands in Product Description
Waterproof Kits: Include a wire nut and protective locking capsule with protective grease compound
Easy Install: Twist nut around wire ends. Insert all the way into capsule and lock over wires. Done
Perfect companion to top grade eXtreme Consumer Products heavy duty 14 gauge robot lawn mower wire